Introducing You to Your New Durango Hometown

We live in La Plata County because we love it and our hearts are here. Of course, we love our incredible mountain scenery, but theres so much more: Unlimited outdoor recreations, year-around events, fabulous restaurants, a nationally-renowned college, a vibrant arts and music scene, a caring community  and all topped off by blue skies, summer wildflowers and winter's mantel of champagne powder.

Welcoming you to our hometown is our pleasure. We're glad you are here and we're happy to share our community with you.

So, allow us to introduce ourselves...

Roberta Eickman, owner of New-In-Town

Roberta Eickman, owner of New in Town

I started New-In-Town Welcome Service because I'm proud of our community and I feel blessed to live here . Anytime I meet a new resident I'm excited to share information about the area and the vibrant businesses that participate in the New-In-Town welcome program.

I moved to Durango in 1984 to ski and to raft the rivers of the Southwest and in the process I discovered my home. The scenery and the outdoor activities of the Four Corners area are beyond compare. But much more makes me feel at home;  the people, the healthy lifestyle, the great businesses, the wonderful cultural diversity, the heart-warming sense of community.

Through New-In-Town I help new residents connect with their new community; I help businesses connect with new customers; and I meet new people and make new friends. That's what I call a win-win-win!

And in case moving has given you sore muscles, an achy back, a stressed psyche, or you'd just like some healing touch, I'm also a massage therapist with more than 25 years of experience. I guarantee I can ease the pain or help you relax.


Martha McClellan, greeter

Martha McClellan,  greeter

Like many people, I left the dreary East Coast for better weather and to live closer to my kids. I am so glad I made that move in 1993. It didn't take long for me to realize that I belong here. I've made lots of close friends in a community full of people who really care about each other.

I also work in early childhood education in Durango, so I know dozens of families and kids who are such a joy to work with and help out.

The people I meet through the New-In-Town Welcome Service are here because they choose to be here. People continue moving to Durango because they value the natural beauty, the environment and community. The variety of new residents adds to the great mix of folks here in southwest Colorado. There are retired people, young 20-somethings, middle-aged couples and young families with kids. They are happy to be here, and I'm happy to welcome them to our special corner of the West.


Terrina Mills, greeter

I moved to Durango in 1989 from Washington state. I raved about it so much that shortly after my mother and brother moved here as well. Now my whole family has made this beautiful area our permanent home. My husband and I have two teenage sons and we revel in all the recreation available here. We are especially fond of camping and fishing. We also appreciate the school district and the outstanding educational experiences the boys have had.

Welcoming newcomers is something that brings me a lot of happiness. I love to meet new people, and for everything a newcomer might learn from me, I learn something from them.