New Residents = New Customers

Business Marketing to gain new customers through New in Town Welcome Service in Durango, CO

New-In-Town Welcome Service offers your business a unique opportunity to connect with valuable new customers. Since 2005, we've provided welcome visits and free gifts to about 30 to 50 new La Plata County residents every month.

We personally greet newcomers and present information about a wide variety of businesses and services. We will market your business in person to one newcomer at a time.

National studies have shown that marketing to new residents provides businesses with exceptional opportunities. Of Note,
New residents...

New-In-Town makes the cold callsĀ for you, saving you time and energy in your marketing efforts to potential new customers. When individuals and families first arrive in La Plata County they are in a critical transitional phase in their lives and are ready to hear your unique message. Dont miss the opportunity to put your business first in the minds of new customers.

Our one-of-a-kind brand of marketing your business is low cost and extremely effective. We guarantee that every newcomer we meet will learn about your business in a face-to-face consultation by the friendly and knowledgeable greeters of New-In-Town.

Endorsements from our Sponsors

Holly Zink

I have been using the New-In-Town service for a few years, and have seen a strong return on my advertising dollars.This service is a very reasonably priced form of advertising. Placing coupons in the booklet makes it easy to track how many people are coming into the store as a result of the welcome visit. Roberta and her staff are friendly, professional, and easy to work with. I would recommend New-In-Town to any business hoping to attract new customers.


Holly Zink, Sunnyside Farms Market

We have been using the New-In-Town Welcome Service for 8 years with tremendous success. We offer a free meal of pizza slices to welcome new residents to town, or a discount off an entire Pizza at HomeSlice Pizza. We receive a lot of our coupons each month and it is nice to identify these customers that are new to our beautiful part of Colorado. Roberta is a dream to work with! She’ll help you to succeed with her clients.

Lynn Kiteh, Homeslice Pizza




I started advertising with New In Town shortly after buying my business in 2010. At the time I was advertising through the telephone book and the local newspaper. Over the next few years it became apparent that the other forms of advertising brought in only a fraction of the new clients that New In Town does. I eventually canceled all of the other forms of advertising other than NIT and haven't regretted it for a minute. I highly recommend advertising with Roberta and her unique company.

Brian Marshall DVM, Baker's Bridge VeterinaryClinic


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